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Supported Versions


Supported React versions of the nuvo importer:

  • 16.x
  • 17.x
  • 18.x


The nuvo importer supports the following versions of Angluar:

  • 12.x
  • 13.x
  • 14.x


The following Vue.js versions are supported:

  • 2.x
  • 3.x

The nuvo importer with NextJS

Suppose you want to use the nuvo importer with NextJS. In that case, you have to dynamically import our component without server-side rendering (SSR) because NextJS is normally rendered server-side, and the nuvo importer is rendered client-side. One example is creating a wrapper React component for the NuvoImporter component. Check out the code below where you can see how it is done:

import dynamic from "next/dynamic";
import { ConfigureAPI } from "nuvo-react";

const NuvoImporter = dynamic<ConfigureAPI>(
() => import("nuvo-react").then((item) => item.NuvoImporter),
ssr: false,

After implementing the code, you can use the NuvoImporter component.


If you use NextJS + React18, you must deactivate the strict mode. Otherwise, complications may arise. To do this, please set reactStrictMode to false in next.config.js