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Release notes


Release - 1.5.1


  • Changed the way how formula syntax errors are displayed
  • Changed the width of the info boxes


Release - 1.5


  • Added the automatic de-nesting of imported JSON that are nested. Currently, we support JSON files with a maximum nesting depth of 4.


Release - 1.4


  • Added the functionality within a JavaScript function to mark rows that need to be excluded or disregarded during the pipeline run. By invoking modifier.removeRow() within the JS function, our system will disregard the specified row. This capability proves beneficial when comparing data with external sources in a JavaScript function, and there is a need to exclude data that already exists.
  • Added the option to create email input and output connectors. With the email input connector, you can build event-based data pipelines that execute whenever an email with a valid attachment is received at the designated email address. On the other hand, the email output connector allows you to receive the output of a pipeline directly to your desired email address.
  • Added three sample output connectors to match the three existing sample input connectors and TDMs to set up a demo pipeline as quickly as possible.
  • Added advanced configuration options to the (S)FTP and AWS S3 input connector. You can now define a target directory, add inclusion and exclusion tags and determine if the input file should stay the same, be renamed or be deleted after being successfully read.


Release - 1.3


  • Added the option to add dynamic refresh tokens to our HTTP(S) connectors


Release - 1.2


  • Added custom connector as an output connector option that allows you to create your own connector by using vanilla JavaScript.
  • Added AWS S3 connector as an input and output connector option.
  • Added event-based HTTP connector that allows you to run a pipeline by sending an HTTP request.
  • Added the option to add multiple headers to HTTP connectors.


  • Reworked the action item menu inside the user platform.


  • Fixed some UI issues that occurred when using the user platform in the Safari browser.


Release - 1.1


  • Added dev mode and live mode to every pipeline.
  • Added Global states to validate and clean incoming data using async calls (link).
  • Added xml file support.


  • Adjusted the UI for the connector setup page.


Release 1.0 🎉


  • Data pipeline released.