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Change the language of the nuvo importer

If you want to change the user interface texts for supporting multiple languages or use custom texts, you can do that with the i18nOverrides option in settings of the NuvoImporter.

To implement text customizations, please use the i18nOverrides property. You can see below an example how to use it:

licenseKey="Your License Key"
developerMode: true,
identifier: "product_data",
i18nOverrides: {
txt_page_upload_desc: "Hi there 🙏",
columns: [
label: "Product ID",
key: "product_id",
label: "Article Name",
key: "article_name",
Select File

The i18nOverrides class has a key for each customizable text. The following displays some examples:

i18nOverrides: {
"txt_upload_data": "Upload",
"txt_allow_data_type": "Drop your file here",
"txt_back": "Back",
"txt_continue": "Continue",
"txt_data_processing": "Data is processing...",
"txt_field_category_required": "Select an option",
"txt_progress_review_entries": "Review Entries",
"txt_title_submit_success": "Congrats, your data has been uploaded."

Here, you can access a comprehensive list of all languages along with their corresponding i18n translations.

English download
German download
Dutch download
Italien download
Swedish download
Portuguese download
Polish download
French download
Spanish download

If you have any questions or need a complete translation to another language, please get in touch with us at [email protected].